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Health Foundations

Health Foundations

Health foundations are the key driving force in the RegMed XB Moonshots. Dutch health foundations fight to better the lives of people with chronic diseases and as such are pivotal in defining the ultimate cure using RM. The following Health foundations are partners of RegMed XB. They are involved in defining the research objectives and co-govern the Moonshots to guard the continuous focus on the patient.


The Dutch Diabetes Research Foundation

The Dutch Diabetes Research Foundation is a charitable non-profit organization. Their goals are to raise and allocate money for scientific research into the medical treatment and cure of diabetes mellitus and its complications and the social consequences of diabetes for patients and their environment. Almost one million people in the Netherlands live with diabetes and its consequences. Every year this number is growing with 70.000, almost 200 new patients each day. The mission of the Dutch Diabetes Research Foundation is:

  • To prevent diabetes and its complications.
  • To improve the lives of people with diabetes.
  • To work towards a future without diabetes.
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Stichting Don

Foundation DON

Foundation DON (in dutch: Diabetes Onderzoek Nederland), was established in 2006 with a clear goal: to cure type 1 diabetes. Although type 1 diabetes can be treated, the disease cannot yet be cured. The complications are far-reaching, from blindness and amputations to heart and kidney failure. Strangely enough, more is being invested in making patients' daily lives more pleasant than in finding a real solution: a complete cure.

By investing in fundamental scientific research, the DON Foundation hopes that type 1 diabetes will one day be a thing of the past. The research projects supported by the foundation are carried out by top researchers in renowned laboratories worldwide. Unlike other organizations, the DON Foundation, as an important part of its strategy, makes long-term commitments so that researchers have sufficient time to fundamentally test their hypotheses.

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The Dutch Heart Foundation

The Dutch Heart Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that is committed to work towards a healthier heart for you and your loved once. They aim to detect and treat cardiovascular diseases in an earlier stage and have identified 3 goals to work towards this:

  1. Prevention of cardiovascular diseases
  2. Faster assistance in emergency situations
  3. Better treatment for most common cardiovascular diseases

The Heart Foundation provides information and support to patients and is involved in scientific research.

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Dutch Kidney Foundation

Since 1968, the Dutch Kidney Foundation focuses its activities on kidney patients in the Netherlands. The central goal is to improve the quality of life of kidney patients. The Dutch Kidney Foundation supports scientific research into causes, prevention, and improved treatment of kidney disease and kidney failure. Furthermore, the Dutch Kidney Foundation is working to improve the quality of dialysis treatment and to increase the number of kidney transplantations. More than 50% of the research in the Netherlands is financed by the Dutch Kidney Foundation.

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The Dutch Arthritis Foundation

The Dutch Arthritis Foundation

The Dutch Arthritis Foundation protects the interests of nearly 2 million people with a rheumatic disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. They support them by giving information about the diseases, giving advice on how to live with arthritis, and by funding scientific research for better treatment and cure. They also represent the patients' interest in their lobby for better care with health insurers and politics.

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