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Other projects

RegMed XB (regenerative medicine crossing borders) is an international leading institute in regenerative medicine (RM). The primary goal of RegMed XB is to create RM solutions that can cure chronically ill patients. RegMed XB connects the RM top clusters in the Netherlands (Leiden, Utrecht, Eindhoven, and Maastricht) and Flanders (Leuven) in a joint research program with regional RM infrastructure. A strong foundation has already been laid for RegMed XB and the partners have signed a letter of intent to scale up the initiative, providing a total investment of around €250 million over the next ten years.

The first pillar of RegMed XB is the programmatic development of a research program that brings together the strengths of the partners to create RM solutions for patients. RegMed XB has defined Moonshots that translate breakthroughs for patients in the longer-term into roadmaps with concrete (intermediate) steps. There are Moonshots for kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and osteoarthritis. RegMed XB continuously adjusts its research programs to the latest developments and mobilizes funding to enable excellent researchers to carry out these programs.

Besides the four comprehensive Moonshot programs, we are open to discuss the incorporation of “Projects” in our RegMed XB ecosystem. Projects are research initiatives that specifically work in the RM field, aim to impact patient lives, and bring together expertise from multiple stakeholders. Projects by nature are smaller and/or shorter than Moonshots and could peruse more short-term goals. The participants in such projects will benefit from the unlocked RM expertise in the program and the facilities, platforms, and valorization infrastructure that are in place to ensure the successful completion of the Moonshots and Projects. For any project to be considered, it would need a Health Foundation or Patient Organization backing its efforts and be willing to (partially) fund the project.