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  • Valorization strategy

Valorization strategy

RegMed XB’s valorization activities are entirely geared towards proactively creating and advancing a portfolio of technology and therapeutic concepts that can deliver on its ambitions for patients and regional economies. We call this virtual operation to breed, raise, and train a “stable” of RM thoroughbreds, the Stoeterij. It is a part incubator, part accelerator, part corporate innovation pipeline. The Stoeterij shares with incubators the longer time-line, non-profit character, and early-stage focus. It adds the investment and intense mentorship typically provided by an accelerator (actively developing the proof, plan, and team to make a concept investable). And, like a corporate, it builds a cohesive portfolio of specifically sought-out concepts with its own resources to allocate as it sees fit.

Its portfolio approach lets the Stoeterij share risks and resources across concepts, minimize redundancy. It can do this will also reducing management costs and collectively engaging (regulatory, production) challenges. This, with the hands-on development and longer incubation, will increase the success rate of the developments within the Stoeterij. By providing hands-on development, the Stoeterij effectively trains a new generation of RM entrepreneurs on the job. It builds and shares invaluable expertise on regulation, compliant and scalable production, and business models.

Thus, the Stoeterij not just makes promising concepts investable but helps create the conditions under which they can be successful. Furthermore, it will develop an ecosystem bound by the shared experience of achieving results together.