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  • Societal involvement

Societal involvement

RegMed XB brings together health foundations, scientists, patients, entrepreneurs, and governments to cooperatively tackle ambitious challenges in regenerative medicine. The development of therapies based on regenerative medicine has a tremendous societal impact as the aim is on cure instead of care. This implies bettering the lives of millions and at the same time preventing lifelong, expensive care processes. To work towards successful therapies using regenerative medicine, RegMed XB is patient-driven on various levels throughout the research projects. Expert patients are present at the semi-annual progress meetings and follow and contribute to discussions about the research process. External patients are asked to review the project plans and evaluate if the scientific direction is aligned with the most pressing patient needs. In addition, there is a yearly event at which researchers inform the general public on what the current status of the research is including successes and set-backs. There is also the opportunity to ask questions or voice possible concerns.

Besides an active role in the Moonshots, we are happy to have patient representation also present in the governance of RegMed XB. Specifically a patient Advocate in the Board of Directors and a patient representation seat in the Supervisory board.

The patient will remain a key voice in RegMed XB starting from the earliest steps in the Moonshots towards the first clinical trials.RegMed XB firmly believes that the involvement of the patient at an early stage of research will increase the viability of therapies that the researchers are working on. A researcher is mainly focused on the efficacy, effectiveness, and quality of therapy, whereas the patient has ideas on the actual implications and consequences of therapy on their life. Bringing these ideas together will improve the overall quality of the development of therapies.