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Educational Plan

Educational plan

The structure of RegMed XB is based on 5 Pillars (Fig.1). Overarching over the 5 pillars there is attention for ‘Ecosystem development’. The ‘Ecosystem’ is the network of researchers, patients, institutes, companies, health foundations, regulatory bodies, governments, healthcare insurers, investors, etc., that interactively contribute to the development of the moonshots. RegMed XB will not only accelerate solutions on an incidental basis but will also accelerate them structurally towards patients and markets. These structural solutions require sustainable reinforcement of the ecosystem and culture. Therefore, the goal of the educational plan is to develop research and development skills and entrepreneurial skills for any researcher taking part in RegMed XB and make them more aware of the societal impact of their work.

Figure 1 The 5 pillars of RegMed XB

The educational plan targets three important areas: research excellence, society and entrepreneurship (Fig.2). The plan consists of a list of courses, seminars and workshops, which increases the understanding between these areas. The courses are open for every person within RegMedXB and the goals differ per pillar. For example, a researcher can choose a research specific course, which will help with their work in the Moonshot and further their scientific abilities/career. But he or she may also wants to participate in a course on Intellectual Property (IP & valorization) or attend a workshop on how to involve expert patients or interact with the public. Our ambition is to foster interaction between all three areas. Patients and the public are invited to discover more about RegMed XB and have discussions with researchers about the societal impact on an annual basis.

RegMed XB encourages academics, patients and entrepreneurs to broaden their knowledge by engaging them in the RegMed XB society and expose them to all possibilities the RegMed XB ecosystem holds. The goal is to prepare the talents of today to become the leaders of tomorrow to successfully impact patients’ lives and society.

Figure 2 Triangle of the target areas of the educational plan