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About RegMed XB

RegMed XB stands for Regenerative Medicine Crossing Borders. RegMed XB is a public-private partnership dedicated to bringing regenerative medicine solutions to patients and creating a new industrial sector in the participating regions.

RegMed XB brings together some 500 leading scientists at Dutch and Belgian universities and institutes and a range of companies in so-called “Moonshots”: long-term visions of breakthroughs for patients, translated into research roadmaps with specific short-term milestones. There are currently four Moonshots (kidney, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and cardiovascular). Each is championed by a Health Foundation and their related patient organizations, putting patient impact at the heart of RegMed XB.

Why regenerative medicine?

The prevalence of chronic diseases worldwide is rapidly increasing. Regenerative medicine aims to restore degenerated, diseased, or damaged tissues and organs. This will contribute to increasing the vital functioning of the patients and reducing the cost of healthcare. Regenerative medicine holds the promise to cure many chronic conditions, restoring health rather than protracting decline. This will result in the betterment of the lives of millions and at the same time preventing lifelong, expensive care processes: cure instead of care.