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Technology platforms

Technology platforms

RegMed XB (Regenerative Medicine Crossing Borders) is a public-private partnership dedicated to bringing regenerative medicine solutions to patients and creating a new industrial sector in the participating regions. It brings together some 500 leading scientists at Dutch and Belgian universities and institutes and a range of companies in so-called “Moonshots”: long-term visions of breakthroughs for patients, translated into research roadmaps with specific short-term milestones.

There are currently four Moonshots (kidney, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and cardiovascular). Each is championed by a Health Foundation and their related patient organizations, putting patient impact at the heart of RegMed XB.

All partners of RegMed XB, being industrial or academic, are constantly building on their unique selling points and technologies or platforms that set them apart in the world. This ensures that in the RegMed XB ecosystem we have access to many different state-of-the-art machines, expertise, and facilities.

The aim of RegMed XB is to ensure that all our projects benefit maximally from the available support even though it is located at another partner. This will ensure that each partner and region can build on their strengths and we will make sure that there is no unneeded competition between facilities.

With this, we help our partners to distinguish themselves in the very crowded market of talent, research, and innovation.